A Midwest man is looking at more prison time following his escape from a Casper Detention Facility.

Twenty-nine year old Gregory Young has pleaded guilty to charges of escape, interference and property destruction.

Prosecutors say in February, Young was on work-release from the Casper Re-Entry Center, but left his job and never returned, prompting the center to declare him an escapee.

Casper Police found him a few days later at a motel on East ‘A’ Street, while responding to a disturbance.

Initially he provided officers with a false name and when he was arrested for escape, he started to resist, but then stopped when his wife asked him to cooperate.

When taken to a squad car, young head-butted it, leaving a visible dent.

He was originally scheduled to be released in June and was finishing up a four-to-five year prison sentence for a possession of a deadly weapon with unlawful intent charge, out of Albany County.

As part of a plea deal prosecutors will seek no more than an 18-to-24 month prison sentence.