A well-known couple from northeastern Georgia died when their Cessna aircraft crashed 15 miles northwest of Buffalo on Thursday, according to reports from social media and news organizations.

Charles and Kelli Schell of Hartwell, Georgia, took off in their Cessna turboprop from the Powell Municipal Airport about noon Thursday and were to fly to Buffalo and land at the Johnson County Airport.

The Sheriff's Office received a call from air traffic control in Salt Lake City saying the plane had not arrived.

Soon after that, it received a report from the U.S. Forest Service that their firefighters had been called to a fire and had located airplane wreckage near the Middle Fork of Rock Creek in a remote area of the Bighorn National Forest. It appeared that the crash was the cause of the fire.

A search team composed of county and Forest Service agencies went to the site on Saturday morning and found the crash site and two bodies that could not be identified.

The Sheriff's Office and the Johnson County Coroner's Office have yet to release any information about the bodies' identification.

However, news sources and social media sites three days ago began notifying the public that the Schells had died in the plane crash.

They owned and managed the Cateechee Golf Club in Hartwell, and the club announced their deaths on Saturday in a statement: "The love Charly and Kelli shared for Hartwell and its community inspired the purchase of Cateechee in 2017. Cateechee has provided special memories for many of us, and we will continue the legacy that Charly and Kelli paved; and the business model that embraces the community."

It is not known how the golf club received the news about the plane crash and the deaths of the Schells.

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