As the summer has gone on, gas prices in Wyoming have continued to climb, but in recent weeks it seems that prices are starting to stabilize to some degree, according to data from GasBuddy.

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Gas prices in Wyoming currently sit at an average of $3.49 a gallon, which is up from where it was at the beginning of August at $3.43, and the beginning of July at $3.27 a gallon.

Prices have started to fall in recent weeks, with the highest price being on August 19 at 3.57 a gallon, $.08 lower than the current average, though nationally Wyoming is still the 10th most expensive state when it comes to gas prices, with the national average gas prices sitting at $3.13 a gallon.

In terms of how prices will change over the coming months nationally, Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy, said in a press release:

"As demand for gasoline has begun to cool with schools reopening and vacation season wrapping up, we’ve seen a small amount of relief at the pump just in time for Labor Day. While Covid continues to have a leading role in gasoline demand and companies plan their return to office, prices may be less predictable than normal. However, seasonality will persist, and that means less gasoline demand as we progress through fall and into winter, and cost savings from the switch back to cheaper winter gasoline in mid-September."

In that same release, GasBuddy predicts prices to be around $3.11 a gallon by Labor day, the highest prices on that day since 2014, when prices were $3.43 a gallon.

Wyoming has also seen an increase in the amount of rigs in operation in the state, going from four at the beginning of June, up to 16 by August 20, which point to both increases in oil and gas production, along with greater employment in the mineral extraction industry.

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