Casper residents with faulty security systems in their homes may soon have to pay for excessive false fire alarms.

Under an ordinance outlined in the Casper City Council agenda for Tuesday, homeowners that pay an annual $10 security system registration fee to the city will be forced to pay a $100 fine the third and each subsequent false fire alarm that requires a response from Casper Fire-EMS.

Under the proposed ordinance, registered homes will be given two free false alarms each year. Homeowners that aren't registered with the city, however, will be subject to the $100 fine upon first offense.

According to the council packet, fire officials are hoping the ordinance will cut down on the number of so-called "nuisance reports" that are fielded each year by the fire department.

Casper City Council will review the ordinance for the first time Tuesday night. Council will have to pass three readings of the ordinance before it can be adopted.

The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. at Casper City Hall.