Five years ago, this community was rocked by the death of Brian Scott Gamroth.

He passed on September 18, 2016 and left behind a legacy that could never be replicated.

Gamroth was a pillar of the Casper community. He was a voice to many, and a friend to many more. He was a husband, a father, a son. To those of us at K2 Radio, he was a brother. Brian Scott was a friend and his death hit hard.

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In Brian's obituary, it was written that, "Most of all, it was his family he loved. Rarely was he at a nonprofit event without the company of several family members, and his wife Tracy could always be found at his side. The boys spent their childhoods growing up at chili cook-offs, Bubbles Baubles 'n Beans, the Million Dollar Hole in One, and numerous other fundraisers where their father volunteered his time. They always enjoyed seeing their dad interact with members of the community, though they never inherited his ability to remember all the names and faces of the people they met."

When a public figure passes unexpectedly, especially somebody with the magnetism of Brian Scott, it can shake the very foundation upon which a community is built. But Casper isn't just any community and when Brian died, it didn't demolish the community; it inspired it.

Brian was heavily involved in his community, especially the downtown aspect of it. He was on the board of the Downtown Development Authority and he could not wait to see the construction and implementation of the David Street Station. He knew that if we built it, they would come.

Well, five years later, the David Street Station has been built and boy oh boy, the people have come.

When the finished David Street Station was erected, they wanted to do something that would honor the man who spent so much of his time building a better downtown community. So they proclaimed the David Street Station main stage as the 'Brian Scott Gamroth Stage," ensuring that he would always be a part of the happenings.

On Saturday, David Street Station honored Brian Scott once more, adorning the stage with balloons and a poster board that featured his image. The poster featured various comments from the public, thanking Gamroth and sharing memories they had with him.

Kyle Gamroth, Brian's son, is carving his own niche in the community, taking up his father's legacy and expanding on it in ways Brian could have only dreamt of. Kyle is a current Casper City Councilman, offering his time and talents to continue to make Casper an even better place to live for those who call it home. He also MC's a variety of fundraisers and events throughout the year, lending his own voice to a new generation of non-profit soirées. The proverbial microphone has been passed from Brian to his boy, as Kyle continues to honor his father's legacy while building one of his own.

"My family loves that the DSS crew goes through the hassle of setting that board up every year for him," Kyle laughed. "They took it upon themselves to put up the sign and gather the messages when he passed, and their honoring him in that way every year since means a lot to us, especially considering how big of an advocate he was for the plaza. He would be over the moon seeing it now and how it's being used, with all of the community- oriented events and activities."

When David Street Station posted the image to its Facebook page, even more members of the community offered their comments.

Thelma Moon said that Brian was "The greatest guy. He had great love for people. He was such a talent."

"Our community sure misses him," said Lynette Getter. "He will forever be remembered for being a caring, fun loving man and for all the positive things he did for Casper and Wyoming."

Jonnie Stewart said that Brian was, "Such a loss to the community. Brian Scott Gamroth was definitely [a] one-of-a-kind person. Would give you advise [sic] if you wanted it or just tell you how great of a job you were doing! I will always cherrish [sic] the pointers he gave me and his friendship along the way."

"My gosh, what a beautiful soul he was," Susan J. Cain-Penny said. "He will never be replaced by anyone, as he was one in a million."

The poster called Brian 'The Man, They Myth, The Legend' and all of those things are true.

Brian will live on through his wife, his children, and his grandchildren. The stories of his adventures still echo throughout off the walls of the K2 Radio recording booths. One day, when the old guard has left and there is a new crop of talent working to keep Casper in the know, they will whisper back and forth about Brian Scott and the stories that he told.

As a myth, Brian Scott had to be seen to be believed.

As a legend, he is the embodiment of everything that is good and special and beautiful about this line of work.

And as a man? As a man, he was the best of us.

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