Casper City Council voted unanimously Wednesday evening to name Scott Miller as its new member to fill the post vacated by Craig Hedquist in late July.

"I don't have a specific agenda, except for the desire to improve Casper and my community," Miller said during his interview.

"I see a lot of progressive developments happening, and I think it's great,"  Miller said.

He was among 12 candidates interviewed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Miller lived in Casper in the mid-1990s when his father worked as a geologist. The family moved to Riverton where he graduated from high school. His father is Rep. David Miller of House District 55.

During his senior year in high school, he's was a messenger in the House of Representatives, he said. "It helped influence my decision for going to the University of Wyoming and actually studying political science."

Miller earned a graduate degree in public administration in 2010, went back to Riverton to work in human resources in a uranium company, and returned to Casper two years later to take a human resources job at Casper College.

"What I got from moving to Casper was a community and a home," he said. "So for the first time in my adult life, this is a place I call my home that's not my parents' house."

Miller is president-elect of the Kiwanis Club, and he has volunteered college projects and the Casper cycling club, he said.

He intends to focus his efforts on further developing recreation and downtown, he said. "Those are the things that are speaking to people of my generation and making Casper a viable choice."

Miller, like the other candidates, said he was willing to run for election in 2016, and that he would be able to make the commitment to spend up to 20 hours a week on council business.

During the interviews, all candidates answered the same questions about running in 2016, time commitment, personal background, interest in the position and qualifications.

The other candidates were John Kirlin, Robert Sjogren, Gregory Flesvig, Frederick Feth, Todd Murphy, David Forbes, Paul Paad, John Trohkimoinen, Dale Zimmerle, Chris Morgan and Tate Belden.

After the interviews, council adjourned and met in executive session to discuss the candidates, Mayor Charlie Powell said.

All had something to offer, Powell said. "It was a very difficult choice because of the quality of the candidates."

Council probably will formally install Miller in a couple weeks, Powell said.