Our community is special. Casper, Mills, Evansville, Bar Nunn - all of Natrona County, really - continues to impress with how it lifts up its residents. Our community takes care of our own. When families are displaced by a fire, or when parents tragically lose a child, or when a teenage girl needs a new heart, this town, our town, steps up big.

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Our community is also there for the good times and that's exactly what is happening next week.

On Monday, June 20, the community is invited to the 90th birthday party for retired Casper teacher Dana Van Burgh.

According to the official invitation, anybody and everybody is invited to come to the Rialto Soda Fountain on June 20 from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

"Come have a celebratory ice cream with him!" the invite read. "One, two scoops, we even spring for sprinkles. Everybody is welcome! Friends; family; downtown employees on their lunch break or after work; tourists. Bring all of Wyoming if you like!"

And that's exactly what we should do.

Dana's daughter, Gaby, stated that her father "was born and lived all his life in Casper. He taught earth science for 38 years at Dean Morgan then, after 'retirement,' several more at Casper College. In the 60s he, Beecher Strube, and Terry Logue started the field science programs that many people have been on. So, lots and lots and lots of people know him!"

And on June 20th, there's an opportunity for those people to come celebrate the life of an absolute Casper staple. Dana Van Burgh has impacted a lot of people throughout his life. And now is our chance to pay him back, to celebrate him, and to show him how loved and appreciated he actually is.

Plus, ice cream. What more of a reason do you need?


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