The Casper City Council wants to know how people like living in Casper. Phase one, a random sampling, and now the survey is open online. Citizen survey online:

"They go to our city website, which is, and it's right there on the homepage; just click on the button and you'll go through the survey. I takes maybe 10- 15-minutes, and we're eager to hear as much as we can from as many people as we can."

Pete Meyers, assistant to the city manager, said the survey data from the random sample will be used a little differently, and now that those written surveys are in and being processed, it's time for them to get as many responses as they can get.

Cyber-sample data:

"They were randomly selected people, and that's standard survey methodology to take a random sample and try to get as much response as you can. But the other survey we're doing is the same questions, but they're available online so we can get even more responses that way."

As for the response rate on the written survey sent to 1,200 randomly selected Casper mailing addresses, Meyers said they got 402 responses, and those results should be completed in a few weeks.

Random sample data:

"That means our standard margin of error is going to be less than 5 percent and we'll take it. It'll be useful information as far as understanding the way people see their city, what they see as important, where they see room for improvement, both in what we're doing and general quality of life."

Sometimes the survey is just the beginning of conversation of what city residents want for their community, said Meyers, and that's also helpful.