City officials announced today, that the 2023 Drinking Water Report is now available.

Moving forward this report is exclusively available through the City’s website.

The 2023 Drinking Water Quality Report summarizes the results of the water testing that was performed last year.

The report is put out to the public on May every year.

Casper's Drinking Water

The City of Casper buys wholesale water from the Central Wyoming Regional Water System for public use. It comes from two sources:

66% is groundwater pumped from the North Platte River alluvial aquifer via 29 wells, and about 34% comes from surface water drawn from the North Platte River. The latter originates as snowmelt from the upper North Platte River basin.

In 2023, the City tested drinking water for lead and copper and report Casper is below the Action Level for both.

The report lists 18 substances that were detected in Casper's water last year. The City says all are below levels regulated by the federal government.

They tested for 64 other contaminants, but did not list them in the report because they were reportedly not detected.

These include organic and synthetic contaminants like pesticides and

Read the full report here.

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