The city of Casper along with the staff at Hogadon Ski Area are about to embark on a planning process for the city owned facility.

Thursday, January 10th, is the date for the first in a series of meetings that should give the public an opportunity to take part in a master planning process.

"We're getting together with anybody who has an interest in Hogadon for a meeting at Fort Caspar and get their input on things they'd like to see, improvements or anything that has to do with the Hogadon operations."

City of Casper Special Facilities Superintendent, Alan Kieper, says interest groups like Casper Mountain Racers and the ski patrol will be involved and a comprehensive plan is expected by late spring. The final master plan should offer a detailed assessment of the condition and adequacy of facilities and ski terrain along with development of conceptual building plans, recommendations for future marketing, on-site services and operational optimization.

The public input workshop happens 5:30 to 7:30 at Fort Caspar's multi-use room.

Throughout the development of the master plan, the public will be able to obtain information and provide feedback using a variety of methods, including written comments, slope-side surveys, public workshops, and social media. An interactive web-based portal will invite public participation in polls and discussions and will provide an opportunity for engagement to those who might be unable to attend the public workshops.

Hogadon Ski Area was founded in the 1940s and now covers 600 vertical feet of mountain with 15 major trails across 60+ acres. Master planning for the ski area was last undertaken in the late 1970s.

For more information regarding the master planning process or the community visioning session:

- Visit the Master Plan web portal at

- Visit (and like!) the Hogadon Ski Area page on Facebook

- Contact Alan Kieper at City of Casper Leisure Services, (307) 235-8442 or



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