City councilors on Tuesday opted to postpone a third and final vote on the City of Casper's proposed satellite winery ordinance.

During a special session that was held specifically to pass the final reading and expedite the adoption of the amended code, council instead voted 8-to-1 to table the vote until next Tuesday – which was, originally, when the code was supposed to be passed and adopted.

Ward III’s Kenyne Schlager requested the special session, which occurred immediately after council’s work session, and was the only councilperson to vote against the motion to table.

“Granted, a week is truly nothing in the big scheme of things, but I wanted to show them that what they’re doing and the changes that they’re trying to make are such a great benefit to our community,” Schlager said. “That one week – you know what? Maybe that was something that I could do.”

The "them" Schlager's referring to is Artisan Alley, which, on its website, brands itself as a local art and wine entertainment venue. City officials during the meeting said that the city has not yet received a satellite winery license application.

Previous ordinance readings were passed on May 6 and 20. The final vote will now be held on June 3.