UPDATE: In a surprise development, authorities have dropped charges against Brenden Day. No explanation was given, and there are cases where it is done to add more charges later. We will update this story when we get that information.


Citizens had filed reports reports to the Casper Police Department last summer about an alleged pedophile who was arrested last week for exposing himself to a Park Elementary School student, a parent said Thursday.

"Our police department knew about this, and I feel it's their job to notify the community about these things if they have this information," Dr. Jessi Waring said.

"And if not the community, let's notify the central office (of the school district), and they can decide how they're going to disseminate information to the schools," Waring said.

Police department spokesmen did not immediately return calls seeking comment Thursday.

Waring's children attend Park Elementary and she is a friend of Amanda Huckabay.

On Monday, Huckabay told the Natrona County School District board of trustees the principal of the school had been informed by police that Brenden Day had been in the neighborhood and was exposing himself but did not tell students, parents and teachers.

A week earlier, Day allegedly approached Huckabay's daughter as she was walking home. Police arrested Day and her daughter positively identified him. A detective called Huckabay and told her the department had been trying to catch him for several months.

Waring recalled last August how one neighbor saw him in his driveway masturbating by a car. The neighbor got a description of him, his vehicle and license plate, and chased him away..

"This wasn't the first occasion; it was a green Subaru I believe he was driving around in," Waring said.

"Other neighbors had reported seeing a similar vehicle and a similar vehicle description and all this," she said. "So the police department was notified in each situation."

Huckabay told the board of trustees the Park Elementary principal told her Day had been in nearby City Park where hundreds of students transfer buses mornings and afternoons. The principal told her she didn't want to discuss the matter to parents because some of them were uncomfortable talking about pedophiles, Huckabay said.

Waring said the solution to what happened in this incident should be community-wide.

"I don't think it should fall on one school or one principal," she said. "It should be a community effort."

School district spokesman Kelly Eastes said Thursday the district plans to hold a meeting sometime next week with law enforcement, parents and educators to discuss how these situations should be dealt with in the future.

"We've been reviewing processes and hope to have some recommendations for new regs and things like that fairly quickly," Eastes said.

Besides the Casper Police Department, the school district wants to involve the police departments of Mills and Evansville, he said.

The district has been reviewing protocols about communications among the district and law enforcement, as well as communications within the district itself.

"The goal of all the agencies involved, and definitely our, is to keep kids safe. Period."

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