Natural Model Management is hosting in-person casting calls in Casper, Wyoming on August 18, from 11 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Hilton Garden Inn on 1150 N. Poplar Street.


They are looking to scout female models and female identifying models from 17-100 years. Seventeen year olds are asked to bring a parent or guardian.

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Katie H. Wilcox founded Natural Model Management in 2011. Katie grew up in Casper, Wyoming, and moved to Spokane, Washington her sophomore year of high school.


"I  moved around a lot as a kid…I went to Garfield Elementary and then Dean Morgan and played volleyball and basketball, and then I moved in 10th grade to Washington, so it was like that pocket of time with that core group of friends, and all of us had older brothers and sisters and they were all friends, and it was really a happy part of my childhood." Wilcox told k2radio news.


Wilcox was scouted for plus size modeling during her junior year of high school while traveling for a volleyball tournament. Watch her story or learn more about the Natural Model Management mission on the "All About Katie H. Wilcox Youtube Channel."


Wilcox will be there at the event along with two other team members and said, "I'm really excited to see who shows up and what the turnout is going to be."


"It's something that people get really nervous about, they think maybe we’re going to have you perform, or maybe you’ve watched America’s Next Top Model and you think it’s going to be like this harsh experience–it’s definitely not. We are not that way at all. What you can expect is you just wanna wear something like fitted jeans, a tank top, you don’t have to get dressed up. Light makeup, hair down is great, we just want to clearly see you, and when you come in you’re gonna fill out a form, you’re gonna write your name on a little board and we're gonna take a few pictures quickly, and that’s it!"


"We do a follow up later on once we’re able to go through all of the images and we’ll be sending out an email, so it’s not like you're going to get a yes or no on the spot, and I think that alleviates a lot of the pressure where people feel like 'they’re gonna tell me no.'"


Natural Model Management's goal is to discover new and incredible talent in untouched areas around the states. They are traveling to cities and areas with less access to the industry in addition to larger ones.


6/29 - Columbus, OH
7/1 - New Orleans, LA
7/11 - Detroit, MI
7/19 - Milwaukee, WI
8/6 - Atlanta, GA
8/17-20 Douglas, WY
8/18 - Casper, WY
8/30 - Denver, CO
9/9 - Los Angeles, CA


Wilcox was inspired to open Natural Model Management after seeing a shift
in the public's preference for models that represent health and an attainable reality
for the average woman.

Natural’s mission is to let models be healthy and happy while providing them with an opportunity to work as a model in their natural body, shape, and size.


Natural Models encourages models to find a healthy weight for their bodies through
acts of self-care and love such as exercise and eating well.


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