It's official — City of Casper Crews are removing a landmark.

According to an announcement Tuesday afternoon, crews have begun removing the leaning tree that was toppled by high winds on Monday.

The area is currently being roped off until removal is completed.

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According to the release, city arborists determined removal is necessary thanks to damage to the tree's root system.

“The roots on the uphill side of the tree broke; these are the roots that supported the tree’s landmark lean,” City of Casper Forestry Supervisor Katy Hallock said. “Unfortunately, the roots are not likely to grow in a manner that will secure the tree safely.”

But there is some good news: Hallock said all parts of the tree, including its root system, will be utilized in the North Platte River Restoration Project, also known as the Platte River Revival.

The tree will be cut up and utilized in bank stabilization and aquatic habitat.

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