Casper police on Wednesday arrested a woman who allegedly embezzled from the Casper Wrestling Club.

Wanda Sue Atkinson, 54, was booked into jail on a recommended charge of felony theft.

Charging papers say two representatives of the club reported the accusation to police in April. They had grown suspicious regarding the club's finances in recent weeks, largely because the appointed treasurer -- Atkinson -- had not allowed anyone to review the finances.

Atkinson was voted out of her position as treasurer. After she left, others reviewed banking records and noted several cash withdrawals totaling over $1,000 as well as debit card purchases that appeared to have nothing to do with the club's business.

Those purchases reportedly included payments to restaurants, a woman's beauty boutique in Colorado, a plastic surgeon in Utah and a veterinary supply bill.

The club's account was frozen and a detective with the Casper Police Department obtained the banking records.

On April 10, the detective met with Atkinson at her home. Atkinson explained a number of purchases on the account -- such as buying flowers for a memorial service for the club's founders, and buying dinners in order to thank family members who had helped out with club tournaments.

Atkinson denied reimbursing herself for any purchases for which she used her own money.

When questioned about a credit card payment and a doctor's visit payment on the club account, Atkinson allegedly acknowledged that those were her personal expenses.

She told the detective that she had surgery and had been heavily medicated when she first made the payments to the doctor's office and the credit card. Atkinson she hadn't reimbursed the club, but would be happy to do so after the account was unfrozen.

Atkinson also told the detective that she would provide copies of all her documentation. The following day, she dropped off two stacks of documents relating to club transactions. She also provided a letter written to the club's board and members, saying she had used the club debit card for personal purchases including a medical payment of $300 and a personal credit card payment of over $1,400.

In the letter, Atkinson reportedly apologized for the "very hard lesson" and said she intended to put the money back into the club account once it was unfrozen.

In reviewing the charges that club representatives had called into question, the detective noted that Atkinson provided "plausible and reasonable" explanations or receipts that indicated the item received did benefit the club.

Atkinson turned herself in at the police department on Wednesday.

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