For those that want to be on a baseball or softball diamond and make money at the same time, the umpire class starts Tuesday March 19th at the Casper College T-Bird gym and classroom 158 also located by the gymnasium.

The course will run 6 weeks on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7-9 PM with one hour of classroom time and one hour of practical application in the gym. Expect to learn rules of the game, field mechanics, how to handle game situations and help in becoming comfortable on the field of play.

Season length is from May 11th and will go thru mid to late July and will usually include 2 games per night, up to 2 hours per game. Pay is prorated to the league level worked and can be from $13-$25 per game.

Minimum age is 14, there is a $30 registration fee and a basic uniform requirement, which can be obtained later.

For more information call Kirk Nelson at 235-6671 of Casper Youth Baseball at 234-7087.