If you don't need to drive in Casper today, don't.


"If you don't have to travel right now, the best thing to do is just sit tight," Casper City public services spokeswoman Beth Andress said Tuesday morning.

If you must travel, pick your routes wisely because streets are drifting over rapidly even if they have been recently plowed, she said.

This morning, CY Avenue was closed from Wyoming Boulevard to Paradise Valley after a a shed portion of a trailer of a tractor-trailer rig blew off near Paradise Valley, she said.

"So to expedite the process of getting that cleaned up, the police department requested that WYDOT (Wyoming Department of Transportation) close CY," Andress said.

CY Avenue has reopened.

Meanwhile, a tree fell on a power line on 15th Street. That briefly knocked out power, but the tree has been removed, the street is plowed, and the power has been restored, she said.

The city is doing everything on the streets it can, Andress said, to cope with the consistent 45-48 mph winds and gusts as high as 75 mph reported by the Riverton office of the National Weather Service.

"We have every piece of equipment that the City of Casper streets department and parks department has, so that includes loaders, graders, trucks and blowers out doing the snow fighting," she said.

Crews are working 12-hour shifts, too.

"Right now, what we're trying to address is keeping those major streets open and getting areas cleaned up," Andress said.

The blowing snow is causing havoc with whiteouts and repeated drifting with the city's priorities such as CY Avenue, South McKinley Street, and Wyoming Boulevard, she said.

The secondary and side streets are awful, too, especially in the new subdivisions.

"We've got reports of cars stuck all over, and we're taking lists for residential plowing, and we'll be addressing those neighborhoods, Andress said.

"It's hard to practice patience, but right now we just ask that people be patient," Andress said. "We will get to them."

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