The City of Casper has issued a policy to let downtown property owners offer parking for profit when thousands of cars arrive for the Wyoming Eclipse Festival next month, according to a news release.
The city normally does not allow commercial parking on unpaved land, but a temporary change in policy will help visitors, public safety, and enable some property owners to make some money.

"Creating some additional short-term parking will help the City meet a vital need, and in so doing, make the event much more enjoyable for everyone," the news release said.
Guidelines for the temporary parking lots are intended to avoid nuisances such as dust and mud. They also ask property owners to plan so vehicles aren't parked too close to one another, which could lead to accidents or motorists finding themselves unable to drive away.
The city's policy for unpaved commercial parking lots during the Wyoming Eclipse Festival from Aug. 15-22 sets these guidelines:

  • Each temporary parking lot needs a sign that identifies the lot manager and their phone number. This enables city officials to contact the manager if problems arise.
  • The lot needs to be laid out with lanes 20 feet wide. Parking spaces must be at least 8.5 feet wide and 20 feet long. These are the standard sizes for commercial parking lots.
  • Parking spaces can be marked with lines drawn on the ground. If the lots aren't marked, a parking attendant must be on site to help people park.
  • The parking lot manager will be responsible for preventing dust clouds and tracked mud.

For questions or additional information, contact Pete Meyers at City Hall at (307) 235-8295.

The entire policy can be found here.

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