The Casper Police Department on Tuesday dedicated a "soft room" where victims of domestic violence and other crimes can meet with law enforcement in non-threatening location.

The police department has been developing the room on the first floor of the Hall of Justice for more than a year.

Police Sergeant Mike Ogden said the department had only interview rooms that were sterile with bare walls, a table and a couple of chairs, and they could be intimidating for people who have just been injured or traumatized by violence.

Ogden says studies have shown that particularly for victims of domestic violence or other trauma, a set of friendlier and less intimidating surroundings produces more information for officers to go on.

The room has a camera and microphone for recording interviews.

On the softer side, it has wooden doors instead of cold steel doors, a sofa, upholstered chairs, wall sconces, paintings, and cabinets containing blankets, toys and stuffed animals.

The Casper Rotary Foundation, Farnham's Furniture Galleries, and the Casper Fraternal Order of Police donated money and furnishings for the room.