Casper police officers on Sunday morning arrested a man who was allegedly trying to break into a residence.

Daniel Kenneth Wylie, 36, was booked into jail on recommended charges of burglary, possession of burglar's tools and interference.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, a Casper police officer responded to an apartment in the 1000 Block of South Wisconsin after a woman reported that a man was trying to get into her apartment and had taken the back door off of its hinges.

The officer entered the home and found the suspect, Wylie, along with a resident of the apartment. The resident had been holding Wylie there until law enforcement arrived.

Wylie claimed that he had come over to do some laundry, despite having no clothes with him. However, he did have a number of tools including a grinder, a plunge router with drill bit attachment -- which police say could have been used for punching locked doors -- two knives, a full-size expandable baton, gloves, a flashlight and an Allen wrench.

A male resident of the apartment told police that he had been in bed with his wife when their dog started "going crazy." The man assumed that the dog needed to go outside, but when he went to open the back door, it fell from its hinges and landed on Wylie, who was wearing gloves and surrounded by tools.

The man recognized Wylie, he told police, because he had caught Wylie looking through things in their garage a few weeks prior. Wylie had said he was looking to borrow a bolt cutter; the man told him to get lost.

While waiting with Wylie for law enforcement to arrive on Sunday, the man told police, Wylie disclosed that he is known for stealing things.

Police noted that scrape marks were found on the rear door hinges, which had been removed, indicating that they had been forced out in order to get the door off of the hinges.

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