Casper City Council met in executive session during a special meeting Monday, but the details of that won't be known until Tuesday, Mayor Kenyne Humphrey said.

Beyond that, Humphrey wouldn't say much about it.

The executive session marked the latest chapter in two weeks of city government turmoil about a survey of Casper police officers who criticized Police Chief Jim Wetzel, the resignation of Councilmember Todd Murphy, the retirement of City Manager V.H. McDonald, the questionable appointment of the interim city manager, a letter from Councilmember Shawn Johnson criticizing McDonald and the council, and a Fraternal Order of Police membership vote of "no confidence" in Wetzel on Monday.

Monday afternoon, council first met in public session during which Humphrey opened sealed bids from potential buyers of four city properties.

Council then voted to enter executive session, Humphrey said, "to consider the appointment or appointments of a public officer, professional person or employee pursuant to (state statute) 16-4-405 ii."

During the hour-long executive session, Councilmember Bob Hopkins left the meeting and did not say why. He rejoined the session about 10 minutes before it concluded.

The council then went back into the regular meeting to adjourn.

After adjournment, Humphrey spoke sparingly.

"Council met to discuss issues pertaining to personnel," she said.

Humphrey would not specify which person or persons council talked about or whether there was an appointment, however that person or persons might be among the five city employees: the city manager, the city attorney, and the three municipal court judges.

Nor would she say why Hopkins walked out.

"I just think there was part of the conversation he just didn't feel comfortable being a part of," Humphrey said. "He's going to have a statement to read tomorrow to explain how he feels personally."

City Attorney Bill Luben also will update the agenda to indicate what action, if any, council will take at its regular meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday as a result of the executive session, Humphre said. The revised council meeting agenda will be available Tuesday morning, she said.

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