The Casper man who strangled and reportedly tried to drown a woman in early March was sentenced to a term of imprisonment with a boot camp recommendation Wednesday morning in Natrona County District Court.

Tyler John Bunney, 23, could serve six to eight years in prison for aggravated assault and battery unless he completes the boot camp program offered by the Wyoming Department of Corrections. Completion of that program could get him an early release.

Bunney was also sentenced to three years of supervised probation in lieu of a suspended three- to five-year prison sentence. That sentence will run concurrently with the prison term.

Prosecutors previously dropped a kidnapping charge initially brought against Bunney.

Charging documents say Bunney was arrested March 3 after getting into a fight with his then-girlfriend. He allegedly took a phone-charging cord and used it to hit the victim across her back and legs.

The victim tried to call for help, she later told police, but Bunney took her cell phone and broke it. When she tried to leave the house, Bunney reportedly stood between her and the door and repeatedly punched her in the face.

As he punched her, Bunney allegedly grabbed the victim and told her it was "time to die" before taking her into the bathroom and choking her.

Court documents say Bunney choked the victim multiple times, and she eventually lost consciousness on the bathroom floor. She later told police she thought she was going to die.

The victim said Bunney then tried to drown her in the toilet and the bathtub. Then, Bunney allegedly stopped and told the victim he was going to tie her up in the basement until she healed so nobody would know about the incident.

Later, the victim let her dogs inside the house and was able to get away.

Court documents say the victim's injuries included swollen, black and blue eyes; a three-inch cut under her left eye; bruising on her face and neck as well as several red marks on her face reportedly consistent with strangulation; swollen and cut lips; a missing tooth; and red marks on her right arm and back.

Police later found Bunney at his parents' house.

Natrona County District Attorney Mike Blonigen said in court Wednesday that he believed Bunney still has not taken responsibility for the assault, a detail which Blonigen found "troubling."

Blonigen said if Bunney did not hold himself accountable for his actions, it would likely lead to future problems.

Public defender Kurt Infanger characterized Bunney's outlook differently, saying Bunney was remorseful, but disagreed with some of the allegations against him.

Bunney, Infanger told Natrona County District Court Judge Daniel Forgey, needs further counseling to address the issues at the center of the assault, which Infanger said, "could have had a tragic ending."

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