Casper police on Saturday arrested a man who allegedly was drunk and had two children in the back seat when he drove his pickup into a parked vehicle over the weekend.

Allen Gamez, 34, was booked into jail on recommended charges of DUI, interference and two counts each of child endangerment and lack of proper child restraint.

Court documents say police responded to the area of South Poplar and Nob Hill at about 7:40 p.m. Saturday for a report of a Chevy pickup hitting a parked Ford truck.

A witness reportedly saw the Chevy swerve as if the driver was drunk, before the Chevy crashed into the back of the parked Ford. The witness said no one exited the vehicle after the crash.

The Chevy was registered to and allegedly driven by Gamez, who was sitting in the front passenger seat when police arrived. Two children were in the back of the pickup without proper child restraints; one of those children was five years old.

Police could smell alcohol on Gamez's breath and person. His eyes were allegedly bloodshot and glassy. Gamez reportedly moved slowly and seemed to be lethargic.

Gamez allegedly claimed he had not been driving the truck, and the driver fled on foot before police arrived. Gamez said "it was some guy" who had been driving, though Gamez reportedly refused to give a name or direction in which the person fled.

Gamez refused standardized field sobriety tests and refused to speak with officers further.

Gamez was arrested. One of the children reportedly told police that Gamez was driving the truck during the crash.

At the Natrona County Detention Center, Gamez reportedly said his girlfriend -- the mother of the children -- had the child seats in her vehicle, and he had no seats for them in his pickup.

The Wyoming Department of Family Services also responded to the crash. The mother took custody of the two children and took them home.

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