Hundreds gathered around a boxing ring at the Natrona County fairgrounds' Industrial building for the Saturday Night fights organized by Harden Fight Company on April 27.

Bright lights and loud music queues the fighters to march down a long aisle before stepping inside the ropes. Adrenaline fills the room.

"For people on the outside, it may seem like violence at the forefront, but for us it's all about discipline and hard work" says fight promoter Lee Harden. "The event gives the athletes a clear goal to work towards, and if you work hard enough you're rewarded with the type of glory and pride that can last a lifetime.

"As far as the community and fans, it's a way for us to come together and have fun. We live in a state that consistently ranks at the top of U.S. suicide rates. I believe that getting out of the house, coming together, and making people feel welcome and loved is good for our mental health.

"The fights aren't for everyone, but I think we should foster and encourage as many different activities as we can so there's something for everyone."

The main event saw Koby Kelly from Casper vs. Cain McEachran battle for the vacant 155 pound belt.

K2 caught up with Kelly ahead of the match to hear about how he got involved in the amateur boxing world. The Casper native said he's always been into sports, football, basketball, wrestling...the list goes on.

After losing his grandmother, Kelly found boxing to be helpful for dealing with his emotions. He credits Champions Boxing and his dad for helping him along the way.

The sport has taught him to be disciplined. In order to compete well he has to stay in shape, watch what he eats, and train hard.

Just before his 19th birthday he went to one of the Saturday Night Fights to watch a friend and left wondering whether or not he should give it a shot.

Now 20, he is hoping to get more experience to one day become a professional. Right now, with last night's victory, he's 4-0.

After this Kelly heads to Sheridan for his fifth amateur match.

Other fighters on the card include Daniel Thompson vs. Lane Shay, both 205 lbs. and from Casper.

Two newcomers, both 17, have showed up to box against each other in front of the crowd for the first time: Casper's Grayden Bailey vs. Denverite Dariel Guerrero.

All the way from Baltimore, Maryland, Arty "Wildone" Savage (270 lbs.) boxed Danny Baeza (268 lbs.) of Ft. Collins, Colorado, and locals Damon Underwood vs. Damon Kauffman at 170 lbs.

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