A Glenrock resident lost everything inside and outside their home on Thursday.

"We wish we could have saved more of the resident's property but we're thankful he was able to escape unscathed," wrote the Glenrock Fire Department who responded to the initial report with the Glenrock Police, Highway Patrol, and ambulance services.

Glenrock Fire Department said the cause of the fire was electrical.

The fire was contained to the home, no injuries were reported.

"Although the occupant lost everything inside and outside the home, he walked out with no physical injuries. He is alive and, while devastating, the rest is truly material compared to his own life."

A reporting party reached out to K2 to say she first saw the smoke as she was leaving her home nearby. She saw black smoke billowing from the residence and was glad to discover the resident was away at the time.

But sadly, the resident's essentials were destroyed. Beyond losing a home, he lost his clothes, shoes, wallet, toiletries. Not to mention invaluable sentimental items.

The Rolling Hills Town Hall is taking donations if you wish to help him out -- this individual likes short-sleeve T-shirts size 3XL, sweat pants size 2XL, 10-11 size shoes, and basic toiletries such as shampoo, body wash, toothbrushes...etc.

Canned and boxed food appreciated. Cash donations are welcome as well (please put them in the drop box by the back door, states the fire department.)

Rolling Hills Fire Destroys Home

Kolby Fedore, TSM

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