The City of Casper unveiled the “No Wipes in the Pipes” sewer backup prevention program this week, hoping to dissuade people from flushing objects like paper towels, rags and baby wipes down the toilet.

Beth Adress, Coordinator for Keep Casper Beautiful, says that a significant number of mainline sewer back-ups are caused by flushing items not easily dissolved in water.

"The main line running down the street actually gets clogged, and the sewer backs up into the pipes," says Andress.  "Usually, sewer water goes to the lowest point in the street.  So, if you live in the lowest elevated house in the neighborhood, all that sewage backs up into your line.  Up and through your sewer system."

Andress goes on to say that the campaign is as much to help home owners as it is to the city. She says that some homeowners or renters may not have insurance that would cover damage and loss in a mainline sewer back up, and that sometimes, such a back up can cost thousands.

"We've seen a rise in products that claim that they're 'flushable.'  But, just because they go down the toilet doesn't mean they won't become a problem later on," she says.

According to Andress, the best policy is: the only things to send down the toilet are human waste and toilet paper. Anything else, should go in the garbage.