At the Casper City Council meeting on Tuesday, Kyle Ridgeway and Bob Moberly came up to talk about their proposed business, 307 Horseracing, as well as recent talks they've had in transferring a retail liquor license from Travis Taylor to them.

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Taylor has held on to one of Casper's 37 liquor licenses since 2016, however he has not been utilizing the license since 2017, and as such council only renewed his license this year with the agreement that he would transfer it by the end of the year.

At the council meeting on September 7, Taylor will come before council to update them on his progress in transferring the license.

The business plans to serve alcohol as well as operating gaming machines for horse racing, along with serving some amount of food to balance out the alcohol they plan on serving.

Ridgeway said they should be able to have the business up and running by next summer, taking them nine to 12 months to finish construction, however they have had some issues acquiring the gaming machines that may take longer to have operational.

Council members were enthusiastic about the planned business, especially because the liquor license that had been parked for the past several years was going to be put to use.

Vice Mayor Ray Pacheco said the licenses are given out with the intention of reinvesting in the community, and he sees the business proposal by Ridgeway and Moberly as an opportunity to do so.

Council member Bruce Knell said they had hoodwinked for the past several years in thinking that the license would be used, but that he his happy the license should now be put to good use.

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