Casper City Council member Todd Murphy, who represents Ward II in west Casper, announced his resignation early Wednesday morning, according to an email sent to city officials and employees:

"Due to certain issues, circumstances, and concerns, including health that will remain private and personal, I will be resigning from the city council, boards, and committees effective April 10th, 2017.

"The reasons will be kept personal and private to mitigate any rumors.

"As I have not shared the reasons with anyone you can refer to the above should anyone ask. Please respect my privacy concerning this matter by not speculating.

"I wish the council, city staff, and the city of Casper all the best!

"To those who campaigned and or voted for me, you are appreciated.

"Thank you,

"Todd M. Murphy

"Council Ward II

"Signed this date: April 5th 2017


"Please note: There is nothing to add or say. All questions can be answered in this memorandum.

"Hard copies will be sent by mail today to the city for the Mayor, Vice Mayor, and City Manager. Please make copies for those who have need.

"Renee, I will return all city property on the 7th or the 10th."


Voters in Ward II elected Murphy in the Nov. 8 general election. Murphy received 31 percent of the vote, second to incumbent Charlie Powell who received 34 percent of the vote.

He was not in attendance at Tuesday's council meeting. He had an excused absence, but there was no reason given for his absence.

Murphy's resignation leaves a vacancy in Ward II, which is generally located between Coffman Avenue on the east and River West on the west, according to a news release from the City Manager's office.

More information about the application process will be forthcoming.

This story will be updated.

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