On Monday, Casper College officially unveiled its new Veterans Center, with around 60 people in attendance to hear the college talk about the center and to see the ribbon cutting.

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Nicholas Whipps, Veteran and Military Student Services Coordinator with the college, said that the center officially opened at the beginning of the school year but wanted to officially open during Veteran's week.

Whipps said they funded the renovations with around $10,000 in private donations, which they began soliciting over the summer, giving them three months to get the space ready.

The veterans center was, since 2016 in a darker space in the library, and since then Whipps said they've been trying to move it to a different space, which they hope the whole community can enjoy.

"We want this to be a space for the community," Whipps said. "So right now we've got community organizations that do come and have weekly meetings here. So we want it for our students, but we want our community to come to us and say, 'hey, can we come have a meeting in the vet center,' or 'can we come have an event in the vet center.' And we'll kind of evaluate them as they come in, but we want this to be a space for the entire community...It was a blessing have the space, but every year, we put in a petition, every year we'd go to the board, every year we'd do something to say, 'hey, we need another space,' and they made it their best efforts. But it finally kind of aligned when this space opened."

Check out pictures from the event below.

Pictures of Casper College's New Veteran's Center

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