Twenty-seven bronzes by several prominent western sculptors have been
placed on permanent display in the south lobby of the Gertrude Krampert
Theatre Complex
on the Casper College campus. 

*These bronze images of Native Americans, sheriffs and cowboys, as
well as  the animals to be found throughout Wyoming, remind us of our Western
heritage. The flora and fauna of the landscape can be appreciated though
these works, which were researched and prepared for display by participants
in the Casper College Museum Studies course,* said Valerie Innella,
art  history instructor.

The bronzes, donated from the collection of Barbara Scifers and her
late husband Leland, consist of works by Pershing Geiger, Ronald Van
Ruyckevelt, Robert *Bob* Macfie Scriver, Rattley, Chapel, Hugh Glass, Lanford
Munroe, Terry J. Murphy, and R. Rousu.

*This is a beautiful collection, and we are happy that Mrs. Scifers
decided to donate these bronzes to the college. Students and the public alike
will be able to see the work of some of the best sculptors in the United
States,*said Paulann Doane, executive director of the Casper College

 A dedication ceremony is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 24 at 7 p.m. in
the  south lobby, outside the Scifers Dance Performance Theatre. The
dedication is  free and open to the public.