Casper City Council will begin recording its pre-meetings held before its regular meetings on the first and third Tuesdays of the month, according to a news release from the city manager's office Wednesday.

Council holds the pre-meetings a half hour before the regular 6 p.m. meetings at City Hall  to discuss any changes to the regular meeting agenda and receive additional information about items on the agenda.

The public pre-meetings have not been recorded in the past.

Some residents have asked the council to record them to foster openness and transparency with the public.

Last week, former Councilman Keith Goodenough again raised the subject at the regular meeting with the new council.

"I believe that you can make this the most honest, accountable, open council that there's been in many years and there's a number of ways you can do that," Goodenough said.

Casper's system of government is fairly open, but it can be improved, he said.

"For example, the pre-meeting is not recorded and archived as far as I know," Goodenough said. "That is public business. The public can come in there and sit and listen, but there's no way for somebody at home can find out what's going on at the pre-meeting, and there are decisions made in the pre-meeting. So that's just one more example of how an open system can be created."

At the council's work session Tuesday, Mayor Kenyne Humphrey raised Goodenough's suggestion, and council members agreed.

They will be recorded beginning next Tuesday. The audio will be made available on the city's website.