Casper City Council refined its process for doling out unallocated one-cent sales tax funds to non-profits and city-based groups at its Tuesday work session.

Council says it will now accept funding applications for future requests by Oct. 1. Council will then aim to make its funding decisions in November.

Casper mayor Kenyne Schlager said clarification of the process was needed.

“What we’re trying to do is to streamline all of those requests into one event,” Schlager said. “That allows the council then to judge our priorities in that process, so that we make sure that we’re doing the best for our community and are getting the biggest bang for our dollars.

Councilors will give preference to projects that aim to tackle certain community needs, like hunger and housing, and include matching funds from other agencies.

Council also agreed upon an 84-16 split. 84 percent of the funds will go toward city infrastructure improvement, while the other 16 percent will go toward local agency requests.

The city projects $2 million will be available from unallocated one-cent funds.

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