Casper residents may soon be able to keep honey bees and chickens on properties within city limits.

At its Tuesday work session, Casper City Council said it would further explore the ramifications of a proposed urban agriculture ordinance which would let city residents keep hens and common domestic honey bees on their properties.

Casper mayor Kenyne Schlager says city councilors must consider several restrictions, however.

“Where you’re going to put it on your property, how far away will be from your neighbors, whether you need to let your neighbors know what you’re doing – there are definitely going to be some requirements that people are going to have to meet,” Schlager said.

A rough draft of the ordinance presented Tuesday night would strictly disallow residents from owning roosters. Potential Casper beekeepers and chicken-owners would also have to purchase a license from the city prior to housing any chicken coops or hives on their property.

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