On Tuesday, the Casper City Council awarded a New Special Malt Beverage Permit No. 1 to Spuds Baseball Club, LLC.

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The Spuds are taking the place of the Casper Horseheads as Casper's newest collegiate baseball team and now they'll be able to serve beer along with peanuts and hot dogs at their game.

The permit requires a 400-person minimum capacity, which Mike Lansing Field certainly meets.

"This permit will be located at Mike Lansing Field which hosts public baseball games," a memo to City Manager Carter Napier read. "The City of Casper owns Mike Lansing Field and leases it to Spuds Baseball Club, LLC d/b/a Spuds Baseball. The seating capacity is 2,500. Thus, this applicant meets all the requirements for obtaining a permit issued by the City of Casper."

The license was approved by all Councilors, except Amber Pollock who abstained from voting due to her ownership of Backwards Distilling Company.

Spuds Baseball will pay the city $1,000 for the permit. It will go into effect beginning on April 1, 2023.

Video of the Casper City Council meeting can be seen below:

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