Casper's city ordinance on concealed weapons passed first reading to align it with new state law allowing concealed carry without a permit. The vote was unanimous Tuesday and  received only one comment.

"I will vote in favor of this only because the city has to be in compliance with State law, obviously, but I think it was a dreadful mistake and I hope that the numbers don't come forward in the next couple of years to prove that fact."

That was Casper City Council member Kim Holloway.

City Attorney, Bill Lubin, clarified that the change only pertains to fire arms.

"The city ordinance on carrying switch blade knives or a knife with a blade in excess of four inches in length still can not be carried concealed within the city limits. The state legislature only enacted the statute pertaining to the carrying of firearms; hand guns to be specific. The only part of the ordinance that we've changed is to make it compliant with that aspect of the state law."

Wyoming's concealed carry statute takes effect July 1st.

Meantime, on Monday, in Gillette, city council there decided to shelve aproposed ordinance that would have prohibited most people from carrying guns in government buildings.

The Gillette News Record reports that council members couldn't agree on the proposal that would have required permission from the council to carry firearms into government buildings with the exception of law enforcement officers.

The Wyoming Gun Owners Association had threatened a lawsuit if the city moved forward with the ordinance.

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