UPDATE 4:50 Thursday: Casper police probably will arrest the driver of the SUV that hit a cyclist near First Street and North Beech Street on Thursday morning, Lt. Mike Thompson said Thursday afternoon.

But the charges depend on the results of the ongoing investigations and the victim's recovery, Thompson said.

"I would expect there will be something but it's going to be what extent will the charges be, and a lot depends there, again, on how this victim's doing," he said.

The accident occurred just before 7:40 a.m. when the SUV and the cyclist were traveling in opposite directions, Thompson and other police officers said.

The names of the driver and the cyclist, both young males, have not been released, Thompson said.

The collision scattered bicycle parts along First Street, which was closed for several hours. The victim sustained serious injuries and was taken to Denver for treatment at a Level I trauma care hospital.

The magnitude of the accident brought multiple investigators to the scene, Thompson said.

"Our accident investigators, detectives, and members from the district attorney's office (are working) so that we make sure that in the end that when this guy would be arrested it's going to be for the appropriate charges," he said.

Officers executed several search warrants, including the driver's vehicle and another may have been to a place where the driver had been partying the night before, Thompson said.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Casper Police Department is investigating after a motorist collided with a cyclist near the corner of First Street and North Beech Street on Thursday morning.

Sgt. Richard Brown said the accident happened just before 7:40 a.m.

“The person who was on the bicycle has been transported to Wyoming Medical Center for treatment, and they’re now on the way to Denver for further treatment – we don’t know the status (of that person) right now, and it’s still an ongoing investigation,” Brown said.

CPD is conducting its investigation between North Durbin Street and North Kimball Street.

Police Lt. Mike Thompson said the vehicle was an SUV, and that investigators are looking at multiple factors in the accident.

"We're still trying to make a determination what vehicle or movements were taking at that time and what condition the traffic signals were," Thompson said.

Brown would not say whether charges are pending against the motorist. We will update this story with additional information once it becomes available.

Anthony Pollreisz, Kevin Koile and Tom Morton have contributed to this story.

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