Thursday night at Casper College a documentary will be screened that features the story of a bullied Wisconsin youth. The experiences of Jamie Nabozny led to the first federal court ruling on the accountability of schools in responding to student bullying. The Natrona County Gay Straight Alliance presents the 40 minute documentary.

"He was tormented to the point that his parents actually sued the school district. It was the first case in the nation where a school district was sued and taken to court for their lack of action to protect him."

Tia Leshin, is a mentor for the Natrona County Gay Straight Youth Group. She says the screening will be followed by a question and answer session with Nabozny whose story has been embraced by educators across the country as they struggle to respond to the issue.

The documentary, entitled "Bullied", will be screened in the Gateway building, room 225, at Casper College at 7pm Thursday November 8th.