Okay so I finally caved in to the pressure to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. However I wanted to do this to underline the awareness and fundraising aspects of the challenge. As this started as a fundraiser, and has now raised over $41 Million dollars for the ALS Association, somehow it morphed into a way to get out of writing a check.

So I am making my donation online at WWW.ALSA.ORG and would encourage you to do the same. Or if you would rather write a check, you can send it to

ALS Association
1275 K st NW
Suite 250
Washington, D.C. 20005

and if you would like to participate with a bunch of other folks here in Casper, head over to Washington Park tonight starting at 6:30 pm. Wind City Physical Therapy has teamed up with the Casper Fire Department and others to do a HUGE dunking. Have fun with this and help raise awareness and funds to combat ALS.

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