The City of Casper has agreed to extend Police Officer Jacob Carlson eight more weeks of paid leave of absence, according to a news release from the city manager's office on Tuesday.

Carlson, his wife, and attorney Don Fuller met with City Manager Carter Napier, Police Chief Keith McPheeters and City Attorney John Henley on Tuesday afternoon.

Carlson wants to return to the Police Department, and through Fuller requested the additional paid leave of absence.

Carlson and Fuller will provide a revised medical release recommending he not be permitted to work during those eight weeks.

The city agreed to those terms.

"The City of Casper is looking forward to learning of Officer Carlson's further improvement and, if he desires, his return to work with the City of Casper," according to the news release.

Last week,  McPheeters was responding to criticism indicating the city, and he as chief, were pressuring Carlson to return to work even though his doctors said he will be totally disabled for the next year.

Before that, Carlson received a letter signed by McPheeters in his mail box at the Police Station that he must report to work by Aug. 20 for a 10-hour-a-day, 40-hour-a-week, but not do any work contrary to what his doctors say. It remains unclear who was responsible for that letter and/or who placed it in Carlson's mailbox.


The city and McPheeters backtracked from that position after receiving medical information from Carlson's doctors on Aug. 20 that he could return to work only on a limited basis.

McPheeters said that after talking with Carlson, and in the belief that his release was imminent, he realized he had not fully communicated with him and he would keep him on administrative leave.

On May 6, Carlson and Officer Randi Garrett went to the area of Fairdale Park for a report of a man driving with two children in a vacant lot. When they spoke to him, he drew a gun and shot at them. Officers responded and killed David Wolosin.

Carlson was gravely injured in the shooting, and was released from the Wyoming Medical Center a month later.

The DCI and the Natrona County District Attorney's Office investigated the case and cleared Carlson and the other officer.

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