A Casper man who was shot by police last spring appeared in Natrona County District Court this morning for sentencing.

Judge Catherine Wilking sentenced Gage Thomas Cordova to a term of five- to- seven years in prison with 352 days credit for time served. She did not find him apropriate for the youthful offender program, as requested by the defense.

The context of Cordova's conviction involves a difficult divorce, substance abuse, mental health issues and anger.

Before Cordova's arrest, investigators were notified of threatening text messages sent to the victim's phone including "prepare for death," and "the cops can't find me."

Court records allege that in one voicemail, Cordova said, "We got company, Hello Mr. Officer, I hope you realize that if you f------ find me, I will fight for my life, m-----f----- ... The f--- are you going to do huh? Die? Because that's what's gonna happen."

The following day, a police officer located Cordova hiding in an east Casper apartment complex. While attempting to make an arrest, court documents say an "officer involved shooting soon occured."

"This came so close to a fatal assault" noted Assistant District Attorney Blaine Nelson in the courtroom.

Court documents note that Cordova has bi-polar disorder, schizephrenia, PTSD, and suicidal ideation.

Public Defender Kurt Infanger told the judge that while they cannot discount the seriousness of the crime, his client is very remorseful.

Cordova expressed as much himself in court, adding "I'm a good father, I was a good husband and drugs changed me."

Before handing down the sentence Judge Catherine Wilking told the defendant that when she was reading the victim impact statement it was obvious he had significantly terrorized her for an extended period of time. The fact that a gun was involved along with untreated mental illness and substance abuse points towards a potentially fatal outcome.

"This could've resulted in horrific consequences," affirmed the judge.

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