The Boys & Girls Club of Central Wyoming offer “Teen Late Night” every Friday for the next eight weeks at various community locations, with the first of such event being held on Oct. 29 at the Boys & Girls Club on east K. Street.

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They will also be partnering with several organizations to host future events, including: the Casper Boxing Club, Highland Park Community Church, Youth for Christ, Natrona County School District, the Wyoming Hunger Initiative, the YMCA, and the City of Casper.

Sherman Hill, teen director with the Boys & Girls Club, said the event on Oct. 29 will be a bring-your-own pumpkin smash where teens are asked to bring a pumpkin to carve and then smash by either throwing off the roof of the building or by using sports equipment.

Hill said:

"I’m hoping this event will bring in fresh faces to see what the Club has to offer."

In August a "Teen Social at the Station" was held on four consecutive Thursday nights in an effort to combat juvenile crime and saw over 750 teens show up to the events.

Over the past few months, several incidents of vandalism have been reported at David Street Station, from spray paint May, to sandcastles being destroyed in August.

Mayor Steve Freel said the events were a positive influence on the community.

"What we started off with this summer as being a negative was turned into, very quickly, a positive – providing events, food and organized activity for youth into the late-night hours. And I am pleased to see that it is continuing on -- even though summer’s gone, we’re headed into our winter months. This just didn’t stop…and I think it’s very much needed, and I think it’s very engaging for our youth and the community."

At the Casper City Council meeting on Aug. 24, Freel talked about how successful the events have been keeping incidents of vandalism down, and that the council voted in favor of providing $500 to the Boys & Girls Club for food at several events.

There will be seven other events on Nov. 5, Nov. 12, Nov. 19, Dec. 3, Dec. 10, Dec. 17, and Dec. 31.

The events are free to attend to all teens ages 13 to 18 who are still in school.

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