Vandalism at David Street Station only continues to ruin what was meant to be a place for Casper to gather.

Most recently, a volunteer was building sandcastles around town in return for tips to donate to a boy with a life-threatening illness. One of those castles was at David Street Station.

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According to a social media post, the volunteer spent all day working on the "fantastic masterpiece" only for someone to come into David Street Station and destroy it shortly afterward.

And that wasn't the only case of vandalism at the station over the weekend.

Also, someone ripped the hand-dryer off the wall in the men's restroom.

"These are the most recent examples of a series of unruly behavior, vandalism and destruction that we have seen this summer," the social media post reads. "Our facility is a place for our community to come together and enjoy time with your families, friends and loved ones.

"It is not a place for those with negative intentions to continue taking away the fun for everyone and damaging a place we work so hard to maintain."

David Street Station is privately funded and as such, any money spent repairing damage from vandals is diverted from events and activities the community can actually enjoy.

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