Neighborhood outcry wasn't enough to prevent Casper City Council from upholding approval of a parking lot planned for residential property on South Boxelder street.

Appeal of the City Planning and Zoning decision to approve expansion of Poplar Wine and Spirits parking to across the alley happened at Tuesday's council meeting. The planned parking lot will border both commercial and residential properties on the edge of the Poplar Street business corridor.

Proprietor Micheal Reed maintains expanded parking benefits the neighborhood.

"What we don't want to be is a bad neighbor and that's why we are willing to purchase that property, fence it, make it nice, so people don't park out in front of the neighbor's houses."

About a dozen individuals spoke out at the meeting. Those in opposition site, noise, traffic, and safety risks to children from a parking lot that's only exit is through the alley way. 14-year Boxelder resident, Barbara Morelas says,  "There's an alley where people and kids walk, ride their bikes, skateboard. And they can't get out of Boxelder, because we have a stop sign right there. You just can't put that parking lot there, because there's gonna be a bad accident."

Council member Kenyne Schalger says she walked the neighborhood before making a decision.

"I did speak with some of the patrons that go there and I got feed back that the neighborhood is harassing people that are parking out on the street. So that to me is just really reinforcing the whole idea of why we should do this parking lot."

Council upheld the decision on a 5-3 vote.