Growing up in Casper I know just how hot some of those July/August days can get. While there is always the option of just cranking up the AC and being a couch potato, in my opinion, there are too many great places in Casper that you can go, relax (perhaps grab a drink) and cool off. So save some money on your cooling bill this summer and check out some of these hot spots where you can cool down. Here they are in no particular order.

  • Casper Mountain, Facebook
    Casper Mountain, Facebook

    Casper Mountain

    This is one made my list for a couple different reasons. First off, the mountain is always a little cooler than town simply because of the elevation and there is always a nice area to find some shade under the pines and have a picnic. Secondly, there are a variety of places on the mountain that you can cool off. Garden Creek Falls is the perfect place to have a picnic and perhaps splash around in the water or simply feel the mist. Lastly, the first weekend in August is a great time to sneak up to the mountain with your cooler and cool off at Beartrap Summer Festival. With live music, vendors, and your own cooler filled with your beverage of choice, what better place to go?

  • Alcova Lake, Facebook
    Alcova Lake, Facebook


    This one was a no brainer. Not only is there a lake there jump into, there are so many different ways to cool off at Alcova that it had to be on my list. From jet skiing, to wake boarding, to tubing, to fishing, to just splashing around the shore at Sandy Beach- the list goes on and on. And if you are looking for an ice cold margarita make sure to stop by Jimmy Buffet Days at the Alcova Marina.


    The Wonder Bar

    This is a great "watering-hole" to grab a thirst quenching drink of your choice. The world famous Wonder Bar has a fantastic western atmosphere and ear-pleasing entertainment on those warm summer evenings. They also feature a happy hour from 5pm-7pm on weekdays (domestic drafts are $1 and appetizers are half-off). So if you are looking for a place to stop by, take a load off and wet your whistle on those hot summer days- the Wonder Bar is my pick.

  • Wyomovies, Facebook
    Wyomovies, Facebook

    Movie Theatres

    Movie theatres have a reputation for pumping up the AC in the summertime and being a nice escape from the summer sun. Casper's theatres are no exception. Studio City, the newest theatre in town, has 10 large screens that will ensure a variety of captivating films. Also, if you have a youngster or a child at heart, don't forget about the 2011 Summer Kids Movie Series. This is a great deal because you can see 11 movies for only $7.50 (note that all adults must be accompanied by a child). Individual tickets are only $2.50. So grab a bag of popcorn, an ice cold soda and cool off at the Casper movie theatres.

  • North Platte River, Facebook
    North Platte River, Facebook

    North Platte River

    Now I know the water is a little high right now, but once things calm down a little bit, the Platte River will be one of the best places in town to splash around and chill out. From fishing, to kayaking, to simply hopping on an inner-tube and floating the river- there is something for every water lover. And for those who do not want to get their feet wet, the Platte River Parkway is a great place to ride a bike or walk along the river under some shade.

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