Casper Police have arrested and a suspect in relation to the downtown Hilltop National Bank robbery.

At eight-thirty Tuesday night, the Casper Police Department arrested twenty-six-year-old, Michael Troy Sanders for the February twenty-fifth robbery of Hilltop National Bank located at one-thirty South Wolcott Street.

Sergeant Steve Schulz with the Casper police.

Sanders made his initial court appearance Wednesday afternoon where he was formally charged with three felonies including: one count each for armed robbery, threatening to use a deadly weapon, and possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

Prosecutors also revealed that Sanders has had seven prior failures to comply, one prior failure to appear, and has previously served three years at a state penitentiary in Ohio for armed robbery.

Before Sanders was escorted from the court room, he stated to the judge that he hadn't done anything and that he was an upstanding citizen. Bond was set at two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars.