Acclaimed composer Eric Genius performs hundreds of live concerts annually all around the world.

Born in n Toronto, Canada in 1966, Eric Genuis is a virtuoso pianist and inspirational speaker.

His mission is to perform uplifting, original content for those who have lost hope.

His prime audience is the incarcerated—including death row inmates, the addicted, and the homeless.


Some of the venues he has performed at include prisons, rehab centers, terminally ill facilities, safe houses for the abused, special education centers, schools, hospitals, homeless centers and nursing homes/memory care facilities.

Genius performed at the Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution in Torrington on April 11.

WMCI was able to hold two concerts, one for the women and one for the men. The concerts featured Genuis on the piano, and three soloists to include the cello, violin, and a vocalist.

Warden Seth Norris commented that he “believe[d] the concert had a positive effect on the inmates and staff. Mr. Genuis and his musicians were world class. They were professional and it was appreciated by all that attended."


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