A man was arrested in Casper on Saturday after officers received a call that a male was throwing fireworks out of a hotel window.

Police officers responded to the Showboat Motel early Saturday morning after the night manager reported that 60-year-old Gene Stratton Carney was throwing fireworks out of a window and disturbing guests.

After entering Carney's hotel room, police observed various fireworks packages scattered across the floor- including "Popper" fireworks and "Ladyfingers" firecrackers.

Officers placed Carney under arrest and transported him to the Natrona County Detention Center.

While en-route,  Carney called the driving police officer a "Shetland Pony Perspirator" and a "Wyoming Cowgirl" among other slurs.

Carney faces charges of disturbing the peace and igniting and possessing fireworks in the city.