UPDATE: K2 Radio News has received a statement from Dr. Dean Broughton, head of Student Support Services at NCSD on the investigation...

"We take every allegation of harm to a child with the utmost seriousness.  In this situation, Department of Family Services and the Natrona County Sheriffs's Office were notified and we are cooperating fully with their investigation.  Please appreciate that we, as a School District, must cease any investigation on our part until the formal investigation is complete so that we in no way taint their efforts.  Again, nothing is more important than safety of children.  Tomorrow morning, kids will be safe on NCSD #1 school buses."

UPDATE: District spokesman Kelly Eastes confirmed to K2 Radio News that The Sheriff's Department and the Department of Family Services are investigating, but had no more details than that.

Sheriff's Department spokesman Mike Steinberg told K2 News today that the charge is under investigation, and disagreed with the contention in the Facebook post that anything is being "swept under the rug." He assured us that all charges will be thoroughly investigated.

It should be noted that the Facebook account may or may not be accurate.

ORIGINAL POST: On Wednesday Feb. 11th, a young girl was sexually assaulted on a Natrona County school bus according to the Natrona County School District Chronicle Facebook page.

The Natrona County School District Chronicle Facebook page is aimed to raise awareness and inform parents about the current state of K-12 education in Natrona County through communication and open dialogue. The page is not affiliated with the Natrona County School District.

This post describing the incident was shared by the Facebook page.

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