The coronavirus has at the very least, indirectly affected Wyoming in a myriad a ways already, mostly within the realm of sports and entertainment. In an effort to quell local concerns, WyoMovies Casper recently released a statement concerning safety and social distancing at all their theater locations.

The official WyoMovies Casper Facebook page posted the following message:

At WyoMovies, the health and safety of our patrons and team is paramount. As such, we have established a social distancing policy for our upcoming showings.

We are blocking out 50% of seating in our auditoriums to allow for social distancing. When reserving seats for a showing, you will see alternating rows of seats that are marked as unavailable. These seats are being saved to allow our patrons to move into available seating once the show starts. Though you have purchased specific seats, you will not be locked into those seats. We are also making adjustments to move our concession and box office lines further apart to allow for social distancing.

Additionally, we are sanitizing hourly. This includes but is not limited to countertops, door handles, drink towers, and so on. Seats, including recliner switches, are sanitized daily and between showings.

Please note, we are unable to block out empty seating for social distancing in auditoriums for shows that have been sold prior to the introduction of this policy.

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