Elon Musk has confirmed that Tesla may start selling a humanoid robot called Optimus as soon as 2025.

Some experts are weighing in, and although they think it's a lofty goal, it's possible.

This isn't about the future anymore, it's happening in real time. A recent demo video in December 2023 debuted their bots incredible ability to walk, squat, rotate its neck, and process tactile sensing on all fingers. It demonstrated picking up an egg and placing it neatly in an egg holder.

Comments on the video were divided. Many people praised the design, but others were not impressed with the bot's progress.

"WOW, it can WALK, and hold an egg? Boston Dynamics must be TERRIFIED," mocked one commenter.

Another wrote, "It's crazy see how hard it is to make something walk like a human. Our ability to walk is more impressive than we anticipated."

Musk addressed a crowd of people at the annual Tesla Convention Thursday. He said:

"I think everyone in the world is going to want one, like literally everyone.

Then there'll be obviously robots in industry making stuff.

I think the ratio of humanoid robots to humans will probably be at least two to one, something like that.

One to one for sure, which means somewhere around the order of 10 billion humanoid robots.

Maybe 20 or 30."

He predicts the build-rate will be about a billion a year.

He believes he can make one for about $10,000 at cost, and predicts selling them at $20,000 a piece.

"Tesla would basically profit a trillion dollars a year from that" said the businessman.

What will they used be for? Tesla states on their site that the robots will be capable of performing unsafe, repetitive or boring tasks.

Would you pay $20,000 for a robot to cook, clean your house, and run errands like grocery shopping?

Musk predicts they'll be able to do all that and more, like mowing the lawn and caring for the elderly. He claims they will be designed in a way that humans could easily overpower them.

These robots will have the potential to take over several jobs, too, like customer service jobs, bookkeeping, receptionists, editing, manufcacturing and pharmaceutical work...they could even become surgeons and soldiers.


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